Gallowmere the Movie

Gallowmere The Movie Project

Gallowmere The Movie

Forty Miles West is currently collaborating on a crowdfunded short film by visionary film director Oliver Hollingdale of Sunnymeade Films. The film is inspired by Tolkien’s Mythology with the visual flare of The Green Knight & Lord of the Rings has been in the works for over a year. With the trailer shot and edited, the crowdfunding campaign has begun to inject some needed funds into the project.

Oliver entrusted Forty Miles West to direct the cinematography for the project, having used us before on Valravn, a Viking short which streaming on Amazon Prime. Valravn also won awards at film festivals, giving us the confidence to try something bigger and better.

Oliver has great vision and has pulled together an amazing team and has worked tirelessly to get this project off the ground. Forty Miles West is happy to be trusted and involved in this amazing project. However, we need your help with the production costs, so that we can make this amazing short film for all you fantasy film lovers out there.

The Awkward part…

Every little donation helps towards realising the mission and passion of completing this project. We know we are asking for a substantial amount (we want to make this as amazing as we can), however should we miss the target, we will rethink certain areas and continue to push forward. We are very passionate and we want to accomplish our goal of making this film a reality.

This film will get made even if we do not reach our goal and we have already begun filming, If we hit target it means we can get it to you sooner!

Do feel free to use the custom donation and donate even £1! it all helps!

The Pitch

Gallowmere Synopsis:

Something twisted lies in the forest – North East in the Realm of Eldervin.

Dark magic has caused a sickness to fall over the sleepy village of Gallowmere.

Jornas the Mage elicits his companions Dagon (Rogue), Nimue (Elf) and Solomon (Assassin) to assist in his campaign to find the root of the evil… not all is as it seems.

Gallowmere the Movie Trailer

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Gallowmere the Movie

Risks & Challenges:

As always, there are risks and challenges with any project. However, we have done all we can to mitigate these risks by using our time wisely during lockdown. We have been working out the logistics of this project.

We are building this project in stages, in the completion of this project there is no guarantee for financial success, our main focus is creating a story that feels worthy of your time in a cinematic tidal wave of endless, sequels,reboots and hope it is a world you would love to see more of.

Our biggest challenges we feel we face is the Great British weather!!! 

Other Ways You Can Help:

If you are not in a position to donate to our project, then please do consider sharing this project with your friends and family who may be interested in contributing. Spreading the word truly does help us a lot.

Most of all though, we truly hope that you will all enjoy the film once it is finished. We are going to do all we can to make this into something worth watching.

Be sure to check back for development updates and some awesome “behind the scenes” pictures and videos as we progress through this journey.